In recent years, the digital landscape has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the emergence of social commerce. With the growing popularity of social networking platforms, we can talk about a true revolution in online shopping, as social commerce is increasingly blurring the lines between social media and e-commerce.

While the concept of social commerce was initially associated with a community of shoppers sharing advice and reviews about products with each other, it has now gained much greater reach, enabling all users to buy directly through the platforms.

Today, therefore, the two powerful forces (Social Media and eCommerce) are coming together, transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers, promote their products and contribute to a smooth shopping experience.


 What are the specific benefits of social media platforms in the eCommerce space?

  • Favor small and medium-sized enterprises

Given that more than half of users use social media platforms every day, the participation of SMEs in the social media space enables them to take their first steps and promote their brand to the general public online.


  • Facilitate customer purchases

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have become more than just social networks – they are now shopping hubs and the customer, having been influenced by the plethora of reviews and comments on a product, spontaneously makes the decision to buy it.

With features such as: buyable posts, swipe-up links and in-app checkout, the user’s steps in the sales funnel are reduced as they can easily and quickly proceed with a purchase, navigate to the right page and deal with loading times.


  • Improve interactions with customers by leveraging new technologies

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are revolutionizing the way consumers ‘experience’ products online (e.g. trying on virtual clothes and make-up products). Artificial intelligence (AI) is also helping to increase conversions by analyzing user preferences to provide personalized shopping experiences.


How do you take your social media eCommerce marketing campaign to the next level?

We urge you to take advantage of social commerce and start interacting with your audience, keeping them informed of any business moves you make. Make sure to reach out to your customers, asking for their opinion and answering any questions they may have and they will reward you with positive feedback, purchases and shares.

Go ahead with new product launches, frequent postings, discounts and offers, keeping your audience’s interest alive. Don’t even forget paid ads that can bring more traffic to your website, as well as choosing the right social media platform for your brand.



As we can understand, today, social commerce is on the rise, continuing the one it has been on in recent years due to the pandemic. So, with consumers worldwide being more familiar than ever with online shopping, now is the best time to get started.