All you need to know about Shopranos

How quickly can I start my e-shop?
SHOPRANOS ecosystem, operating in the Cloud, is ready within a few hours to accept all the customizations and assets needed to create your own B2B e-shop.
Will I need a specialized consultant to set it up?

SHOPRANOS ecosystem guides you easily and quickly to create your own B2B e-shop, without the need for training or for the support from a specialist consultant.

Is there an extra cost for operating the e-shop from mobile phones?

You don’t need additional investment and costs to operate your store from mobile phones. SHOPRANOS ecosystem creates B2B e-commerce stores that work from PC, tablet, and mobile, without additional costs.

How quickly can SHOPRANOS ecosystem adapt to the changing needs of my store?

SHOPRANOS ecosystem allows you to operate a modern e-shop that is flexible enough to immediately adjust to the needs of your business, without large investments and time-consuming procedures.

Will my e-shop look unique and appealing when created with SHOPRANOS ecosystem?

SHOPRANOS ecosystem has a big range of themes, colors and templates to choose from, so that you can create your B2B e-shop as you wish.

Can SHOPRANOS ecosystem be integrated with any software?

SHOPRANOS ecosystem easily connects with any software. In particular, the interface with the popular Soft1 ERP or with ATLANTIS allows: the automatic retrieval of product details and prices, the entry of orders into the ERP with the detection of unregistered B2B accounts and the calculation of total order amount and stock.

Will I be able to manage promotional messages in my e-shop?

You can design advertising messages at any time and choose whether they will appear to all customers or to a specific group.

How will SHOPRANOS ecosystem AI features assist me?

With SHOPRANOS ecosystems’ AI integration, you can quickly create an e-shop with automated product content in 30 different languages. Additionally, the AI can generate SEO elements like SEO title, SEO keywords, SEO description, Meta Title, Meta description and keywords which can significantly boost your e-shop’s search engine ranking and help you reach a wider audience.