About SoftOne


SoftOne Technologies S.A. is a dynamic software company founded in 2002, focusing on the development of ERP, CRM, Cloud Services, enterprise mobility applications and electronic invoicing solutions. Headquartered in Athens, Greece, SoftOne delivers both on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions to midsize and large organizations, having earned numerous awards for market leadership and innovation.

SoftOnes’ key personnel includes professionals with long experience in the development of top quality business software and cloud services. Today, SoftOne has more than 300 full-time employees in Greece (HQ), Romania, Cyprus and Bulgaria (subsidiaries).

Soft1 solutions are powerful, integrated and simple. They unify business processes across the enterprise, using a single, integrated platform. Soft1 applications and solutions are used by more than 32.000 enterprises in several international markets and they are supported through a wide (+600) Channel Partners Network.

In 2007, SoftOne was the first Greek software vendor to offer its ERP as a cloud service and today, it is the undisputed leader in the Greek Cloud ERP market with 8.500+ cloud installations.

In 2016, SoftOne Technologies became part of Olympia Group, one of the most dominant group of companies in the Greek market, with more than 4.000 employees in Greece and internationally.

From 2019 to 2024, SoftOne completed a series of strategic investment moves that included the acquisition of Unisoft, Prosvasis, Regate, IMPACT, cosmoONE, Global Sustain Technologies, Sunsoft and Twinsoft. This development has placed SoftOne at the leading position of the business software market in Greece as a powerful group of companies.


SOFTONE Group is one of the largest technology ecosystems in Greece and SE Europe, that includes nine leading brands (SoftOne, UNISOFT, PROSVASIS, Regate, IMPACT, cosmoONE, Global Sustain Technologies, Sunsoft and Twinsoft), currently employing more than 680 technology and business professionals.
The companies of the Group focus on the development of business and accounting software solutions, innovative cloud services, enterprise mobility applications, electronic invoicing and procurement solutions, ESG and F&B solutions, having earned numerous awards and distinctions for their innovation and contribution in supporting the digital transformation process of companies.
The Group’s applications and solutions are used by more than 75,000 enterprises in Greece and several international markets (Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria), and they are supported through a wide (+600) Channel Partners Network. Following its ongoing strategic commitment to innovation, powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, SOFTONE GROUP is today the undisputed leader in the Greek Cloud-based solutions market and a decisive player in SE Europe with more than 50,000 Cloud (SaaS) installations. Additionally, SOFTONE Group is the largest e-invoicing, supply chain and B2B solutions provider in Greece. The high adoption of the Group’s product and services portfolio has formed the largest ecosystem of B2B solutions in the Greek market, interconnecting more than 350,000 companies.
Leading the advances in digital transformation, SOFTONE Group’s priority and commitment is the ongoing investment in cutting-edge solutions that yield businesses high added value at low cost, making digital transformation affordable and feasible for any enterprise.