With technology evolving rapidly in recent years and with time saving being considered a… luxury, it is visible that we have now been introduced to a new, different reality. Both modern consumers and B2B buyers, who have already started to turn decisively towards eCommerce, are aware of this and are now largely living it. This is the so-called “B2B eCommerce”, which is gaining ground more and more internationally and domestically. The term derives from the combination of the words “business to business” and “eCommerce” and essentially describes the sale of products or services between businesses via an online portal. More specifically, we refer to a form of e-shop that is aimed at modern B2B customers, technologically savvy, who require a modern and seamless service experience.

A B2B eCommerce site represents a unique opportunity for the customer, as well as for the supplier operating in the wholesale market. But what specifically are the benefits it provides in the context of a B2B business?

First, B2B eCommerce platforms reduce the time unnecessarily wasted on actions that can easily be automated. This leaves time for dealing with what is relevant to the growth of the business, while improving the quality of service to customers and boosting sales. It is also worth mentioning that with the plethora of tools offered through marketing automation, a business can upsell and cross-sell when the customer is ready to hear about a new product or service. In this way, it evolves their behavior and creates new networking opportunities by being available 24/7.

A business, therefore, needs to create a clientele that trusts it… and to do this, it also needs to discern the needs of each client, individually, in order to meet them to the maximum extent possible. It must act promptly and quickly, as the times themselves dictate, always staying one step ahead of expectations. This is a B2B eCommerce site that, combined with the implementation of an effective digital marketing strategy, explodes its potential…a digital channel that contributes to the most immediate growth of the business and takes it to the top.