When it comes to the future of Content Editing, AI plays a key role, as AI tools are a powerful way to improve, accelerate and adapt content creation to customer needs.

What is an Artificial Intelligence Content Editor?

AI Content Editor is a new type of content editing based on artificial intelligence. This type of editor can help you create high-quality content much faster and efficiently, so you can focus on other aspects like marketing and content management.

Until now, when creating content, users often had to painstakingly search for and replace different words or phrases to adapt their text to the respective target group.

This can now be fully automated with the AI Content Editor. Thanks to this, users will no longer have to search for and replace content in their texts, in order to adapt them to the desired target group. More specifically, an AI content editor analyzes your content, automatically adjusts formatting to ensure it’s always clear and concise, while additionally helping you generate new ideas.


What are the advantages of an AI content editor?

An AI content editor can help you improve your texts, but it can also write them entirely for you. So, for those who can’t afford to pay a professional content writer for their content, there’s hope.

It can also help you find the right keywords for your SEO content, which is especially useful if you’re trying to improve your search engine rankings. At the same time, we would say that it has the potential to help optimize your content for social media.


What are its possible drawbacks?

We can say that the disadvantages of an AI content editor are minimal. Most of this is related to the fact that this is a new technology and there are still some improvements to be made. Below, we list the main disadvantages of AI Content Editors:

  1. There are no perfect texts yet: As with all new technologies, AI content processors still harbor some weaknesses and bugs. Since the technology is still very new, it’s hard to find any perfect text.
  2. Some content writing tasks can’t be completely replaced by AI Content Editing: For example, it’s difficult to program an AI to do creative tasks, such as writing a headline or creating a plan.
  3. Technology is expensive right now. However, once the technology becomes more widespread, the price will likely drop. Already, there are some free AI content editors.


B2B eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence features

In the context of B2B e-commerce, the use of an AI content editor offers new possibilities, making the process of creating a wholesale e-shop simpler, leading to increased traffic, conversions and revenue.

SoftOne’s SHOPRANOS is the first B2B eCommerce platform in Greece that incorporates AI functions, for the creation of automatic product content in 30 languages, the optimization of existing texts, as well as the automatic addition of elements to the content of the e-shop that significantly improve its SEO ranking.