EVAL is a leading Greek company specializing in the production of lifesaving equipment and accessories for passenger boats and yachts that meet modern specifications. Having SOLASMED and CE certifications for its complete range of life-saving equipment, EVAL has been established as one of the strongest companies in its sector worldwide with expanding export activities.

EVAL chose SoftOne’s innovative SHOPRANOS platform for implementing its B2B e-shop with the ultimate aim to serve its nationwide network partners effectively, but also to optimize communication between EVAL Points stores specialized in nautical equipment and accessories.

SHOPRANOS successfully met the B2B requirements for all EVAL Points and their network of partners. The modern B2B platform fully supports EVAL’s large product catalog of over 7,000 codes, while easily adapting to any changes in the company’s needs.


George Vallianatos, CEO

SHOPRANOS’ built-in AI functions enable easy content creation for EVAL’s extensive product catalog within a few hours. It also increases e-shop traffic through automatic addition of SEO and Meta elements that improve search engine rankings. SHOPRANOS operates seamlessly with EVAL’s central computer system, allowing easy management of the large product catalog by automatically retrieving product and price data, entering orders into ERP systems, and calculating total order amounts and stock levels. Finally, SHOPRANOS ensures 24/7 access to the online store from any device for convenient purchasing.