After the huge rise and changes that social media marketing has brought about today, many now consider that the world of e-mail marketing is outdated. The use of stories, live video and voice search on social media, in particular, have created the feeling that newsletters are advertisements and therefore not interesting, so they are easily led to the trash.

However, the truth is that newsletters – provided of course they are done correctly – can act as useful tools in the context of Digital Marketing of your business. Therefore, email marketing can become one of the most direct and powerful forms of communication you can have with your customers.

Below, we give you some tips for a unique and attractive newsletter that your readers will look forward to reading!

Before we begin, though, let’s explain what exactly a newsletter is:

It is a type of email used to communicate regularly with a brand’s subscribers. It provides information in the form of plain text or a structure consisting of images and videos, and the purpose is to advertise the products by encouraging the public to visit the respective website and buy them.

To achieve the above goals, as well as high conversion rates, you should consider the following for your newsletter:


  • Attractive title

If you want customers to open the newsletter you send them, it’s important to engage them first with an attractive (but beware, not misleading) headline. If this is not attractive, no matter how useful your newsletter is, no one will open it.

Therefore, the title should be curious or very friendly and familiar. Thus, in a plethora of e-mails that the customer receives daily, he will easily distinguish yours and will want to read it, as he will have been impressed by the topic it presents. Here, of course, it is important to know the target audience as well.


  • Simplicity and content

Given the fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, it’s a good idea to keep your newsletter always simple and short. Thus, your subscribers will get a “taste” of the content of your website and your business in general and will more easily want to buy your products.

A good rule of thumb is that your topic should not exceed 50 characters, using keywords that interest the reader.  You also need to adjust this in a way that is easy to read, whether it’s at work or on the go.  If the user cannot read the newsletter easily from his mobile, the chances of ignoring it are extremely increased. Therefore, sufficient white space is also important, as it helps the reader to easily locate the right link and click it.


  • Interesting and quality content

Most people like to receive useful material that inspires them. Ads are notoriously not enough to reach potential customers, as they have a limited view of the products. That’s why you should share timely information and news about the products, services you sell, or your business in general.

So, in addition to advertising, you need to provide your newsletter with informational – educational content in a higher percentage proportionally (about 10% advertising and 90% educational – informative).

More specifically, we recommend incorporating useful links and visual descriptions, giving your customer a broader view of your brand. It’s also a good idea to always write in a friendly way, as if you’re meeting your audience in person. Your ideal customer wants to feel familiar and connect with you, which for you means putting an end to cold emails and typical sales.

Of course, we do not mean that you can write e.g. using slang, etc. Therefore, we advise you to avoid excessive expressions, many words written in capital letters, and excessive exclamation marks.

Finally, the content should be qualitative. This is about not only the subject matter, but also the language that suits your audience. So, spend the necessary time creating content for your company or assign this part to specialized copywriters / content writers.


  • Attention to design

For the text not to be one-piece and tedious, we recommend that you always add a photo related to the topic within the newsletter. You can also change the fonts, add colors or your business logo, but also use bullet points where necessary, to make the newsletter more enjoyable.


  • Consistency in mission

Make sure to send your newsletters at a specific time, so that they do not become boring and annoying to the user. We recommend sending them on certain days and times to make it part of your audience’s routine.  Consistency is something your customers will appreciate, even if they don’t read your newsletter at the time you send it. They will most likely save and read it later as they expect it.


So, we see that creating a newsletter is not an easy process. That’s why you’ll first need to figure out what attracts your customers and how you can present it to them in a simple way.  Remember that the key lies in constant communication, which consistently builds a loyalty relationship between your brand and your customers.