Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs around the world start a new business, faced with the double challenge: to “win” their audience and afford their business venture.

For those of them who failed in the above, we would say that their failures come from a variety of sources: from the mismatch between the needs of their product and marketing, to the fierce competition.

When you make serious marketing mistakes, you weaken the company’s ability to successfully sell products to customers, and of course there is no way out of this problem in the long run.

Therefore, in this article we list some marketing mistakes that you should avoid if you want to keep your business afloat and succeed.


Mistake 1: You don’t have a clear marketing plan

Many new businesses find it a waste of money to plan their actions in detail to promote their company. You should know, however, that you will make a real waste if you start a promotion strategy without following a specific plan, while a marketing plan refers to the amounts you will spend on each action (eg on campaigns and social media).

So, we advise you to learn the marketing channels that appeal to your target audience and then design a plan (e.g. time, cost, etc.) for each aspect of them, in order to achieve your goals.


Mistake 2: You don’t “ask” for the sale of your products/services

Especially if you’re using digital efforts to complete a sale (e.g. email promotion), it’s a huge marketing mistake to talk about your company and products to prospective customers but not motivate them to take action.

It has been found that most customers who buy without planning it, do so because the company offers a discount.  So, “ask” for the sale of your products, motivating users e.g. to go to your website or fill out a form / form. This move on your part will make a huge difference to your company’s performance.


Mistake 3: You’re Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

It’s true that mobile traffic accounts for about half of all website traffic.  That’s why, as you optimize your website, you need to make sure you don’t forget your customers who find you on their mobile devices, but also provide great user experience on different screen sizes.

You should also make sure that the loading speed of your website is the same on mobiles and PCs / tablets. If mobile performance isn’t satisfactory, it will work against you, more than you imagine.


Mistake 4: Not tracking the results of your marketing actions

Finally, it is not possible to know if your marketing actions are working if you do not regularly check the results they give. You will immediately make the next mistake, as due to lack of data, you will continue to invest in promotional practices without knowing if they are effective.

We encourage you to always remember to keep metrics in front of you that will keep you always informed about what works and what does not. Digital marketing tools today are plentiful and provide you with the ability to collect a wealth of data so that you can perfect your practices. So, you won’t miss out on opportunities that could significantly improve your results over time.


The mere idea of marketing can worry and trouble you. You have nothing to fear, however, as long as you are strategic in your approach. Now, it’s a great time to get started, avoiding the promotional mistakes we discussed above. Even if this requires you to invest a little more in marketing than usual, you’ll find that these efforts will pay off in the long run.